We provide excellent recruiting and consulting services for organizations and professionals. We work with you to help you build a recruiting strategy. We focus on finding the right cultural match between candidates and companies. We find best-in-class professionals who suit the job and your team needs. We understand your role, company culture, key players. We enable you to bring right talent and ensure you right long term recruiting strategy.

Our team closely works with your hiring managers and recruiters to put a recruiting process in place also best represent your company brand and culture. We not only provide recruitment process but help both the recruiter and job seeker before and after recruitment process. We train and prepare interviews on better preparation and execution of interview practices. We ensure that interviewers follow structured interview pattern. With best-in-class, expert consultants we provide high standard recruitment, HR, outplacement services and training.

We update and keep pace with changing technology and employment scenario. Our team is equipped with new technology and techniques. We also offer non-conventional process like social recruiting, video interviews to help you in today’s tech savvy world.

Employees are assets for any company. Recruiting and employing right talent for the right job at the right time is crucial. Recruiting top performers with right qualification, knowledge, skill and abilities is very important aspect. Whether it is for filling a key position or you are building entire team we will help you achieve your goals and help you in finding talented qualifies candidates.

  • Bulk hiring
  • Fulltime employee recruitment
  • temporary or part time staffing service
  • Retained recruiting
  • resume review
  • Phone screenings
  • interview schedule management

Planning process where we understand the requirements of the hiring managers or department heads.

Research process where we search and source profiles suitable or match the requirements.

We collaborate with hiring managers or department heads to know the specific requirement and present qualifies candidates to the right job. We thoroughly do overall talent management right from sourcing, screening, short listing, evaluating, interview, selection, background verification, salary negotiating and final offer. We would be the initial point of contact for recruitment on boarding and any further verification.

We as a recruitment consultants get right talent for your organization understanding your business, requirements, culture of the organization that are necessary for the candidates to fit into your teams and work towards organizational goals.